About Speedy Route

Speedy Route calculates the best route when visiting multiple locations and then returning back to the start. It is ideal for delivery drivers, sales people on the road, or anyone who needs to make multiple stops. Speedy Route re-orders the locations you enter into the best optimal order, so that every location is visited once before returning to your start location in the shortest and quickest way possible.

Speedy Route is available in the United States and also world-wide, e.g. in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, South America, and the rest of the World. Find the best route with Speedy Route.

Single or Multiple Delivery Vehicles

Speedy Route can plan your route for a single vehicle or multiple delivery vehicles, and will produce the optimal route for the number of delivery vehicles you have available. If you set the number of available delivery vehicles to be more than one, the calculated route may use any number of vehicles up the maximum available. The calculated route might not use all the vehicles available if the optimal route can be achieved using fewer vehicles.


Calculating the optimal route is an example of the Travelling Salesman Problem solved by Route planning software, in which given a list of places to visit, and after having calculated the time to travel between each place, the optimal route is that which visits every location exactly once before returning to the start location by the fastest route.

Pricing *

Speedy Route is a charged subscription service for the calculation of routes containing more than 10 locations, and also for more than three calculations within a rolling 24 hour period for routes containing any number of locations. Subscription periods are activated immediately upon purchase, and are available on a monthly rolling basis. We only accept payments in U.S. Dollar ($).

$69/mo: Up to 5 drivers, 500 stops per route
$99/mo: Up to 10 drivers, unlimited stops per route

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*prices are shown for US, might be different depending on your region

Fair Use

Speedy Route attempts to solve optimal route calculation requests as a 'best-effort' service. The time elapsed required to calculate a result is dependent on many factors, including route complexity, server load, internet connectivity, and the presence and performance of other consumed down-stream services. Some routes may not be solvable within a reasonable amount of time, and therefore may not be solvable by Speedy Route. The maximum number of locations in a route that Speedy Route will attempt to calculate is 500 (five hundred) locations, although we may increase this limit in the future.

We monitor our systems to maintain the performance and reliability of Speedy Route. All users of Speedy Route (both paid subscription and free users) agree to be abide by our 'Fair Use' policy. Users shall not maliciously attempt 'Denial-of-service' style attacks on Speedy Route, or repeatedly use the service to calculate the same route with no good reason. Users shall also not attempt to circumvent security features. Any user found to be in breach of these policies may have their registration and subscription with Speedy Route cancelled, and be blocked from using the service in the future.

A subscription may not be used from more than 5 different client IP Addresses over a rolling 24 hour period.


Registered email addresses provided to Speedy Route as part of the registration process are not sold or passed on to third parties. We will only ever use your email address to contact you regarding the Speedy Route service, and your supplying an email address to us confirms your acceptance of this. Please contact us if you wish us to delete your account.

Free Service

Speedy Route is currently a free web service when calculating routes containing 10 or fewer locations, but we reserve the right to withdraw or change the functionality, parameters, or availability of the free service in the future without notice. Only three free route calculations per client IP Address over a rolling 24 hour period are permitted. To calculate more than three routes from the same IP Address within 24 hours, you must purchase a subscription.

Contact Us

Please contact us using our Contact Speedy Route popup form, or alternatively email us directly at support@speedyroute.com if you have any questions or require support.